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Digestive Fungal Pack (Anti-Candida Pack)

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Our all in one solution to Digestive Fungal problems.

Contains Naturo-Balance, Naturo-BioPlex and Naturo-Digestizynes.

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Digestive Fungal Pack (Anti-Candida Pack)

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Our all in one solution to Digestive Fungal problems.

(For best results: Use these products over a 2-3 month period)

A weakened immune system can result in Candida Colonisation leaving you feeling fatigued, depressed, and vulnerable to infections and allergies.

Look after your digestive tract. It is your body’s largest immune system organ. The Mucosa Lining of Your digestive tract is the body’s largest immune system organ.

Look after it, or you could suffer amongst other things Candida Colonisation resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, depression and a myriad of other health issues, some serious.

Improved Digestive Function leads to Candia control. If you suspect you have a Candida problem, then improve your defences through improved digestive function. Candida can ruin your health, both physical and mental.

Fight back with Naturopharma. Fatigue and Depression can be caused by Candida.

Poor digestive function weakens your defences against Candia and other fungal preditors.

Fatigued and Depressed? Could this be caused by poor digestive function and Candida?

When it is important, it has to be Naturopharma.

Contains Naturo-Balance, Naturo-BioPlex and Naturo-Digestizynes for a complete digestive fungal solution.

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